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Poster: SeaMac Date: Dec 27, 2023 11:00am
Forum: petabox Subject: Re: Odd storage formating question

I wish I had known this BEFORE I started uploading ISO Images of extremely rare software, or movie, DVDs ... to preserve them for posterity ... these generally run over 3 GB each. My Bad.

But what about ALL of the OTHER DVD ISO Images (.iso) on the Archive? I have only one ... so far - but beloved pages like has hundreds of files over 2 GB - and I treasure most of them. Are all of these vulnerable to file corruption?

1,000 files per page / 500 GB per page / File Size Limit 1.75 GB ???? Why don't you publish this somewhere in the "Welcome to the Archive" section ... because by keeping it a secret you are inviting a train wreck - from well meaning users like me: that might step all over the boundaries without even knowing they are there!

(Sigh. So many pages out there with multiple >4 GB ISO Images parked on them ... none of us had a clue ... I'm surprised you haven't had more than one server meltdown over this issue.)

And I have noticed playback issues on pages with lots (> 200) of Videos. 1,000 videos really bogs down a page. None of mine have over 160 videos per page.

I'll try to limit the number of elephants, that I shove up into your cloaca, from this point forward - don't want them getting corrupted!

Otherwise I'm a happy uploader ... and I know a LOT of people are enjoying the old and forgotten video learning series that I had recorded a decade ago on VHS - since I shared them. 60000 views and skyrocketing. One man's trash could be another man's treasure.

You're going to need a lot more Petaboxes in the future ... I intend to keep on uploading more old rotten 'treasures' ... maybe slow down my burn rate though ... now that I have 2000 plus videos uploaded.